Creating Cheat Sheets based on Sport

All fantasy sports incorporate some type of draft in which owners choose the players for their respective teams. Different sports have different rules for how drafts are conducted. Those rules will dictate how owners create their cheat sheets in preparation for drafting their teams. In this article we'll discuss the difference between fantasy football and fantasy racing drafts. Then we will explain how those differences affect the way cheat sheets are created for these sports.

Fantasy Football Drafts

Drafts for NFL fantasy football have been blurred somewhat with the advent of daily fantasy football games, but in a classic sense these drafts are held before the season starts. Standard leagues are comprised of 8 to 14 teams, each with roster sizes ranging from 14 to 18 players. After the initial draft, owners then add and remove players from their roster through a waivers process.

Football Cheat Sheets

Fantasy football owners generally prepare for their fantasy football draft by creating player rankings for each of the major fantasy football positions. The number of players that a player includes in their sheet will depend on their league configuration and rules regarding roster size. After the owner is satisfied with their rankings, they will generate a printable cheat sheets to bring to their fantasy football draft.

Fantasy Racing Drafts

Fantasy NASCAR racing drafts are somewhat different than football drafts because the season is much longer. In racing leagues, drivers are normally re-drafted several times throughout the season. Some leagues will re-draft drivers every week, but others (like this league) make owners keep their drivers for 2 to 5 weeks.

Racing Cheat Sheets

Unlike fantasy football, rosters in fantasy NASCAR are comprised of individual drivers, so there is no concept of positions like there is in fantasy football. Because of this, cheat sheets in fantasy racing are much more straight-forward, generally consisting of a simple, static list of driver rankings which is kept current throughout the racing season. change throughout the season, so fantasy owners are forced to pay close attention to thinks like qualifying position and driver experience on the various tracks.


Because sports themselves are so different, it makes sense that fantasy leagues based on those sports would have unique rules and approaches toward drafting players. Some sports call for multiple drafts throughout the season, while others draft only once for the entire year. If you're going to be successful in fantasy sports, take the time to learn the ins-and-outs of each sport so that you'll stay a step ahead of your competition.


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