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Scoring Rules

  1. The NASCAR Nextel Cup points system will be used for all league scoring.
  2. Only the points scored by the top 3 finishing drivers on each respective team will be used to calculate that team's score each week. The sum of the points of these 3 drivers will determine a team's total score for a particular week. After all teams are scored they will be ranked from highest to lowest point total.
  3. In the event that two teams have the same overall score, the following tie-breakers will be used to determine ranking:
    • Tie-breaker #1 - Total cash winnings for current year
    • Tie-breaker #2 - Highest driver finish during the current year
    • Subsequent tie-breakers - Next highest driver finish during current year
    • Final tie-breaker (if needed> - First name of the owner
  4. If a new team joins the league during the middle of a season, he will start with a point total equal to one less than the last placed team at the time he joined.


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Week 1


February 26th


League Notes

Draft Thursday MARCH 2 7:30 - Park Ten Lanes