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Draft Rules

  1. Drafts are held at a pre-determined location near Bay St. Louis, MS. The draft schedule is pre-determined and scattered throughout the entire season. The results from each live draft will remain active until the next live draft. There are 3 drafts that last only one week (the first, halfway, and last race), 3 drafts that span 4 races, and 10 drafts that span 3 races. Except for the Daytona 500, drivers are chosen before the qualifying race.
  2. At each draft, teams take turns selecting drivers until each has picked a total of 4. There are 43 total drivers in each race and this allows each of the 36 teams to choose 4 drivers while ensuring the possiblity that all drivers selected will qualify for the race. Drivers can be selected more than once, but no more than 2 times total at each draft.
  3. At the first draft, the midway draft, and the last draft of the year a drafting order will be determined by luck of the draw. Numbers 1 through 36 will be chosen from a hat and the order of driver selection for these respective drafts will proceed in the following order:
    • Round 1:  1 through 34
    • Round 2:  34 through 1
    • Round 3:  1 through 34
    • Round 4:  34 through 1
    All other drafts will be conducted by allowing the last placed team to choose first and continuing through the team in first place, who picks last. This order is repeated for each of the four rounds.
  4. Each team must formulate a default draft sheet and keep it current throughout the season. This sheet is the team's preferred ranking of all drivers from first to worst and is used in the event that the owner cannot attend a draft. In the owner's absence his draft sheet will be followed, but no driver will be picked twice unless indicated by the owner. Draft sheets are entered online and are assumed to be current.
  5. Because it is drivers and not cars that are drafted, if a driver cannot participate in a race due to injury, illness, or death, no replacement will be provided for teams who have this driver on their roster.
  6. If any team picks two or more drivers who subsequently fail to qualify for a race (or cannot participate due to injury, illness, or death), it will be given the highest qualifiers who have not already been picked 4 times by other teams; substitutions will be made starting with the 4th driver. In the event that two or more teams must replace their non-qualifiers, they will alternate driver substitutions, starting with the lowest-ranked team, until each has 3 qualifiers. In the event that two or more teams must replace their non-qualifiers, and it is the first week of the season, they will alternate driver substitutions starting with the lower teamname in alphabetical order, until each has 3 qualifiers (this is because in week one the teams are arbitrarily ordered since so points have been scored).
  7. If any team misses two drafts without paying outstanding fees they will not be allowed to pick their drivers at the following draft. If the team misses a third draft in a row they will be removed from the league.
  8. If a new team joins in the middle of a season, he will automatically get the first draft pick at his first draft.
  9. At the beginning of the season, each owner's default draft sheet will start out with their drivers ordered in the same order as drivers qualify for the first race, the Daytona 500. Each owner will be responsible for updating their draft sheet from that point forward.


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Week 1


February 26th


League Notes

Draft Thursday MARCH 2 7:30 - Park Ten Lanes