Ronnies Racers takes the Lead after Race 2

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by Randy
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March 01, 2017

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Roonie Racers had the best week scoring 118 Points and took over First Place. Rolling Thunder had the worst week scoring 50 points and dropped to tenth place. C and R scored 74 points and dropped to last. I will send the spreadsheet out tomorrow Picks: 1 Turbos - (Keslowski Newman Juarez Cassil) 2 Old # 7 - (Earnhardt Larson Juarez Buscher) 3 Rolling Thunder - (Earnhardt Almindinger Jones Buscher) 4 Jammers - (Keslowski Almindinger Allmirola Dibenedetto) 5 Ronnies racers - (Elliott Larson Bayne Dibenedetto) 6 Shoe Racers - (Truex Kennseth Menard McDowell) 7 Frontrunners - (Logano Newman McDowell Cassil) 8 Six Packs - (Johnson Kennseth Patrick Jones) 9 Need 4 Speed - (Kurt Bush Elliott Menard Ragan) 10 Good Ol Boys - (Kurt Bush Blaney Almirola Stenhouse) 11 Breakouts - (Logano Bowyer Austin Dillon Stenhouse) 12 FBF - (Kyle Bush Hamlin Kane Ty Dillon) 13 Victory Lane - (Harvic Bowyer Austin Dillon Patrick) 14 Pit Stop Don - (Harvic Hamlin McMurray Wayne) 15 C and R - (Johnson Blaney Kane Ty Dillon) 16 Bootleggers - (Kyle Bush Truex McMurray Ragan)

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Draft Thursday MARCH 2 7:30 - Park Ten Lanes