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Payout Banquet and Daytona Draft set for Feb 26 11AM

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by Randy
League Commissioner
January 24, 2017

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Hey Everyone, In giving back something to the bowling alley for letting us use the conference room we will have our payouts and first draft there. We will begin at 11am. They are serving sphagetti and meatballs. I am looking for a headcount. Wives are invited. if you couId send me a message at 228-363-0621 for a headcount, I would appreciate it. Lets celebrate Jammers win as we all know how hard it is to win this league. I hope everybody had a good off season. The Daytona 500 is almost among us. We are thinking about letting the bowling alley do our banquet this year. Kind of a payback for letting us use the room for our race drafts. Right now we are possibly down two teams and possibility of picking up a couple. Anybody have anyone getting nor out, let me know. Also there is no big race in Mobile this year, so we are trying to get some coffee mugs with our sign on it. God Bless Tail Lights (Ricky Ladner) May God grant him eternal life.


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Week 1


February 26th


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Draft Thursday Nov 17 7:30 - Park Ten Lanes